Thursday, June 2, 2011


Tour Old Shanghai and Yuyuan Garden, dating to the Ming Dynasty.  Drive along the Bund, the city's elegant riverside promenade.  Lunch in a local restaurant, tour silk carpet workshop, and Shanghai Museum.  Dinner and Acrobat Show.

I was interested to see whether we would be put in a lesser hotel since we booked one of the lowest categories. The guide alleviated my concern when she said that Yao Ming had chosen this hotel for his wedding celebration. Gorgeous hotel, great bed, quietest hotel room in which I have ever stayed, and an indescribable breakfast buffet. I even had Peking duck, hot fudge sundae, lox, and watermelon juice one morning. It is obscene.

We toured the city and visited a silk rug making factory. I really could have done without the shopping.  Though the rugs are true hand woven works of art, we are in the de-accumulation stage of our lives.  The dim sum lunch was quite good.  The museum probably was more interesting than I have the intellect to appreciate OR I am a little tired.  The Acrobat Show was entertaining; however, I suspect it was local performers and not the level that is perported by the guide.  Our guide is Shan Shan, a 30 year old young lady with a bachelor's degree.  Her English is quite good; but even though it was her college major, it is apparent from sentence structure and some word usuage that it is not her primary language.  Her mother was a college English major and worked at the U.S. embassy.  Since Gerry and I can say nothing but "Hello" in Chinese - nor is there any hope of learning more - I have to admire her.

Our food has been average, except for the incredible breakfast at the Shangi-La. Gerry and I survived the jet lag reasonable well. The only problem may be that we will overeat and have to waddle onto the plane. It has been quite an education regarding the present state of China. Hope to write more on this later.


  1. Sounds like fun! Can't wait to see pictures.

  2. I had exactly the same feeling about the acrobatic show. I had reviewed a similar show in Sacramento which had many of the same things, but without the acrobats being attached to wires above the stage. Not that it wasn't enjoyable, it was. But I think that it wasn't the best China has to offer!