Friday, June 3, 2011

Shanghai & Wuhan

Fly to Wuhan, the provincial capital of Hubei, renowned for its museum with artifacts dating to the Warring States period.  Enjoy a musical performance of the museum's noted collection of chimes and bells.  Embark the Viking Emerald ship.

Our room on the ship is quite nice, a little larger than when we sailed NCL to Bermuda.  We had really been looking forward to sitting on our balcony enjoying a glass of wine; however, the smog is so heavy that you can hardly see the scenery.  The Emerald was refurbished and is quite comfortable.  One of the young ladies serving our table today is named "Candy".  Although I know it makes it easier for the passengers to refer to the crew using "Americanized" names, it seems a little offensive so we always try to ask their given name. 

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  1. Love the updates. Can't wait to see your pictures. Have fun on the cruise.