Monday, June 20, 2011

Rubber Chicken Circuit

Well, it seems politicians are not the only people to be subjected to the "rubber chicken circuit."  Saturday night we invited three couples for dinner on the deck.  Their names will remain secret to protect the innocent.  As the last guest left, Gerry and I turned to one another and said, "THAT was the worst food we have ever served guests."  Gerry prepared two "beer can chickens."  These have always been the juiciest, tastiest chickens he prepares on the grill.  In my concern to be sure we had enough to feed eight people, I bought the biggest chickens I could find at Stauffers.  Big mistake.  They must have been the oldest chickens imaginable.  I placed a bite of a breast in my mouth and immediately placed it back on my plate.  Pure rubber.  I don't know how some of the people managed to eat it.  One guy even had seconds, I think.  Well, it didn't get any better.  Dessert was a disaster.  Again, a tried and true Rhubarb Crisp recipe; however, I used rhubarb that I had frozen.  The rhubarb turned into slimy goo.  Although polite, more than one person just could not consume it - me included.  Fortunately, the wine was good and the company terrific.  I just hope they will accept a rain check if I promise to buy pizza!  This was the first time I ever wrote apology notes to guests.  I think I am getting too, too old to entertain and in the future need to call the caterers.

I have been trying to update entries to our China experience.  I think I only have three days left.  It was a fascinating trip, one I recommend to everyone.  It was truly a visual assault, and one can develop mental fatigue trying to absorb so much history, current culture differences, and the relationship between modern China and the USA.  I think more Americans need to be cognazant of China; certainly, even average Chinese are constantly aware of the USA - and in a competitive sense.  When I complete the final three entries, I will let you know so you can go back to review them, if you wish. 

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