Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy B'day, Favorite Son!

From before he was born, Jeffrey has always been the kid closest to my heart.  You see, his long, lanky 8 1/2 lb. body was crammed under my rib cage so high that I still had bruised ribs for days after he was extracted via C-section 45 years ago.  At that time, any C-section baby was placed in the neonatal unit for the first day or two.  Also at that time, C-section mothers were given significant quantities of pain medication.  In my doped-up state, I cried as I first viewed Jeff (all 8 1/2 pounds) as he lay among those preemies.  In my foggy brain, those long arms conjured primate images for tree swinging instead of the foretelling of the handsome 6' 1'' man he would become.  Over the years, those long arms have wielded baseball bats, basketballs, tennis racquets, hockey sticks, fishing rods, woodworking tools, and hoisted over his head two adored sons...and there is still nothing better than a hug in those arms of My Favorite Son.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

Today's birthday girl, Sophia Elizabeth Catalano, seems to always be creating a movie script in her mind.  What a delicious imagination resides in this four year old curly headed wonder!  I am always amazed at her choice of characters to inhabit as she plays.  One day a princess, the next one of her favorite Disney horses "Spirit" or "Rain".  It is so fitting that she be Sarah's daughter since Sarah's pediatrician dubbed her "Sarah Bernhardt" as an infant.  I am so pleased that Sarah's creative genes are being passed along to another generation.  So yes, Sophia!!! It is finally Friday, and we send a big Happy Birthday Hugs and Kisses Fest your way.  I can't wait to get to St. Louis so we can officially celebrate with a "Birthday Tea Party."  Be thinking of who we will pretend to be.....