Friday, August 26, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

Today's birthday girl, Sophia Elizabeth Catalano, seems to always be creating a movie script in her mind.  What a delicious imagination resides in this four year old curly headed wonder!  I am always amazed at her choice of characters to inhabit as she plays.  One day a princess, the next one of her favorite Disney horses "Spirit" or "Rain".  It is so fitting that she be Sarah's daughter since Sarah's pediatrician dubbed her "Sarah Bernhardt" as an infant.  I am so pleased that Sarah's creative genes are being passed along to another generation.  So yes, Sophia!!! It is finally Friday, and we send a big Happy Birthday Hugs and Kisses Fest your way.  I can't wait to get to St. Louis so we can officially celebrate with a "Birthday Tea Party."  Be thinking of who we will pretend to be.....

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