Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sunshine on My Shoulders

Finally, we have a day of sunshine, but I must force myself to stay inside and start to organize my "stuff" for the trip.  I got my hair chopped off this a.m. to minimize the primp time.  I went to the bank to get a slew of ones, fives, and tens.  We are told that we can use U.S. currency for much of the small purchases and tips.  I'm finally going to look "big busted" with some expensive padding.  I haven't asked Gerry where he will be concealing his stash.  Perhaps I will be Dolly Parton to his Tom Jones.  I've notified the credit card company, bank, Verizon, etc.  Crazy how complicated our lives are!  I also just checked reviews of Air Canada.  Of course, there were some not so good reviews - oh, well.  Bad timing - I should have checked BEFORE I booked the flights.  I will just be happy if the plane stays airborne for the necessary amount of time.  That to me is a successful flight.  Hope you are enjoying sunshine today....

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  1. You'll find that $1 bills are much more useful than $5 or $10 bills. Amazing what you can get for $1 (all junk, of course, but junk is in the eye of the beholder!)